Through the Lens of Drew: Negreanu Cashes In

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After essentially breaking even on Monday’s Super High Roller Cash Game, Daniel Negreanu made a statement on Tuesday, leaving as the games biggest winner, profiting over $140,000.

Tuesday’s game provided us with plenty of crazy hands, including Ralph Wong correcting folding a full house to a single bet on the river to kick off the game, taking his dad’s advice into consideration. Matt Berkey booked another big win on the session as well, with Ronny Beda being the only other play to book a win on the session. Here is a look at my favorite images from last nights session!e

The game kicked off with one of the best folds I’ve seen in a while, as Ralph Wong check-folded ace-seven on a board reading AJ5A5, to Justin Young. The fold was correct as Young held ace-jack for a better full house. 
We saw a few changes in Tuesday’s lineup, including the addition of Chris Kruk. Kruk has played on previous episodes of Poker After Dark but was in a tough spot last night wedged between Matt Berkey and Daniel Negreanu. 
Another new face in last nights lineup was Ronny Beda, from Miami, FL. Beda managed to be one of the three winners in the session. Beda was all in and at risk three times, running it twice all three times. He managed to win 5 out 6 run outs to keep himself in the black on the night. 
One of those all-ins came when he got in his pocket kings, against the 9-7 of spades of Bob Bright. Bright had both a straight draw, and a flush draw but bricked both rivers. You can view a few images from the emotional rollercoaster of Beda right here
One of my favorite things about these high stakes cash games is seeing the camaraderie between the players. Often times you can catch players on break hanging out at the bar in the PokerGO studio, watching the stream, and poking fun at each other. In this photo the players were watching Negreanu catch running queens to take a big pot off Justin Young, who flopped trips…check out that hand here
All in all it was a great week for Matt Berkey on the Super High Roller Cash Game, as he booked the biggest winning session Monday, and was the second biggest winner on Tuesday. 

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