Through The Lens of Drew: First Timers, Politics, and Cyber Bullying

The Second Night of Dolly’s Game Was Another Classic!

Every time the PokerGO Studio brings you the hottest live poker action, Drew Amato will be there to tell the story of the night in photos. Next up, the second night of Dolly’s Game Mixed Game action as Stud, Badugi, Razz, and Omaha Eight-or-Better Split was being played at $1,000/$2,000 stakes. Relive the entire first night of action on PokerGO right now.

The second night of Dolly’s Game did not disappoint in the entertainment department. This night saw the debut of three players, including Richard Sklar who constantly shared his political views, the Doyle Brunson-Mike Gorodinsky rivalry continued to blossom, and non-stop action. Heres a look at some of my favorite images from last nights action!

Richard Sklar has absolutely no problem voicing his opinions on all topics, especially politics. That was very apparent in last nights episode when Sklar aired out his political views and even offered some political prop bets against fellow players. Regardless of how you feel about politics, Sklar’s talk opened up the table a bit and made for some hilarious banter throughout the duration of the game.
The ongoing Twitter feud between Doyle Brunson and Mike Gorodinsky has been one of my favorite things to follow in poker over the last few months. The two constantly take playful jabs at each other every chance they can get. Gorodinsky revealed the playful nature of the rivalry in an interview with Remko before last night’s show, but the two definitely didn’t shy away from each other during the broadcast, constantly clashing in some of the nights biggest pots.
This week’s game also brought on two more newcomers in Dan Zack and Sean Snyder. Zack played both nights, booking a small loss on night one, and finishing night two with a profit. Snyder only played in last nights game, buying in for $150,000 and also booking a win. Not a bad showing for two first-timers! 
During one of the hands, Frank Kassela and Doyle Brunson took their turn in exchanging a few verbal spars with Richard Sklar. Kassela was all smiles as he ended up the biggest winner on the night, taking home a profit of over $50,000. Unfortunately for Doyle, he did not manage to book a winner. 

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