Webster Lim Eliminated in 3rd with Big Flop Move ($672,000)

Webster Lim just put Paul Phua to a big flop decision, which, in the end, led to his elimination from the final table.  Preflop, Phua on the button raised to 250,000 with [Ac5d], called by big blind Lim with [7c5c] (with 1,200,000 behind).  On the [4h3d3s] flop, Lim check-raised all

Adrian Mateos Hits the Rail in 4th ($420,000)

The chips four-handed had become very unevenly split, with Adrian Mateos shortest on 445,000, Paul Phua with 895,000 and Lim and Eibinger on 2.5 million and 4.5 million apiece.  A hand occurred that wasn't raised preflop by either of these two: small blind Mateos took his chances moving all in

Michael Addamo Eliminated in 5th Place ($336,000)

It folded to Michael Addamo in the cutoff, who looked down at [Ks8s] and shipped it in (1,140,000).  Webster Lim on the button picked up a hand stronger than any he'd jammed with in the level so far - [AhAd] - and they saw a heads up runout of [3s7c7h5sJc]. 

Last Six Pots to One of the Two Chip Leaders (Mainly Eibinger)

Five handed play is a quiet, fast-paced, affair.  There have been no flops for the last six hands, and every chip has been won by either Matthias Eibinger or Webster Lim.  Eibinger has been setting his short-stacked opponents all in repeatedly with no hands found to call so far. Recently he

Chip Leaders Tangle

Matthias Eibinger raised in the hijack to 120,000 with [TsTh], and Webster Lim, second in chips, three-bet him to 340,000 with [AdKh].  Eibinger made the call.  The flop was [9s8c2d]; Eibinger checked his overpair, Lim bet 240,000 and Eibinger jammed for 2,210,000.  Lim folded, and the Austrian extended his chip

Ben Heath Eliminated in 8th Place – Bubble In Effect

Mid position, Webster Lim picked up [AsAd] and raised to 80,000.  It folded to small blind Ben Heath, who considered his 685,000 remaining chips and the [QhJh] he'd been dealt, then announced "all in."  He could not, of course, have been called faster. Drama ensued as Heath flopped a flush: [AhTh6h]. 

Cary Katz Eliminated in 9th Place

Short stack Cary Katz moved all in preflop on the button with [AcJh] for 500,000, called by Webster Lim in the big blind with [8c8d].  The board was paint-free: [9d7s4s5h2s] and Katz leaves his fourth final table this week without a payday.