Tens Conclusion to Wai Leong Chan’s SHRB: Out in 9th

Adrian Mateos, defending, his big blind with [Kh4c] from an open from Wai Leong Chan who held [TcTs], hit three of a kind on a board to which his opponent flopped an overpair: [8s4s4d].  Mateos check-raised Chan's 25,000 bet to 70,000 and Chan made the call.  Mateos led out for

No Back-to-Back Trophies for Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey jammed for 41,000 when it folded to him preflop with [JdTd], called by Wai Leong Chan in the hijack with a dominating [AcJc].  Over to cutoff Artur Martirosyan, who paused for a moment before three-betting small, to 105,000 with [9c9d].  Chan made the call to see a [3h6hAs]

Wai Leong Chan Wins Second $25k Short Deck Title and $457,500 in Event #3

Wai Leong Chan has picked up his second $25,000 Short Deck title in Event #3, seeing off Paul Phua heads up to secure the trophy and $457,500 first prize.  Coolly comfortable at this buy-in level and relatively new format, Chan outlasted his final five competitors, three of whom have already

Wai Leong Chan Wins Event #3: $25,000 Short Deck and $457,500

After a hard fought heads up battle vs. Paul Phua, Wai Leong Chan has emerged victorious in Event #3 of the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series Sochi, taking home $457,500.  He outlasted a total field of 61 to hoist today's trophy, having started the week with a 5th

Paul Phua Finishes Runner-Up (Once More), Collects $305,000

After a rivered full house for Wai Leong Chan (with pocket aces, no less) was paid by Phua with [Qh8s] to the tune of 850,000, the board [AsQc6cJhJd], Phua found himself hovering around the 3,000,000 chip mark, in need of a double. His chance came when Chan set him in preflop

Chan Rivers a Straight

Wai Leong Chan extends his lead after getting paid on the river by Paul Phua.  Chan had led at a [AsJdTd] flop with [7d7c], called by Phua who'd flopped two pair with [JsTh].  Both players checked the [8s] turn, and the [9h] river completed Chan's straight.  Phua faced a river