Wai Kin Yong Wins Event #5 $50,000 Short Deck and $800,000

After the most dramatic final table seen so far at the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series Sochi, Wai Kin Yong has emerged victorious, seeing off Phil Ivey heads up to claim the trophy and $800,000 first prize.  Battling coolly through six of the toughest opponents that could be

Phil Ivey Finishes Runner Up ($525,000)

Phil Ivey was in the lead throughout the longest heads up match seen in a Short Deck event this week in Sochi, until suddenly he wasn't.  With the antes looming large, that recent double for Wai Kin Yong reversed their stacks, and it took one promising flop to end the

Reversal of Fortune in One Pot: Yong Doubles to Chip Lead

Wai Kin Yong picked up [JdTs] first to act, and moved his whole 4,800,000 into the middle.  Unluckily for him, Phil Ivey had an easy decision with [AdAs].  The flop brought [ThTd9h], however, and with neither of the two aces appearing to save him, Ivey doubled his opponent into the

Ivey Wields Lead Mercilessly, Still Doubles Yong

Wai Kin Yong failed to pick up any big hands recently, and with Ivey's foot on the accelerator, had dropped to 2,600,000 when he received a much needed double through.  Ivey set his short-stacked opponent in with [QdJh], was swiftly called by Yong with [AsJd] and was drawing dead by

Maximum Hands Per Hour

What the deck is not delivering in terms of big preflop hand match ups (with one exception: both players receiving pocket jacks, getting it in, and promptly taking it back out again), Phil Ivey and Wai Kin Yong are making up for in speed of play.  Not a whiff of

Ivey Pulls Back Some Chips

A rare preflop call of a raise just now, as Wai Kin Yong called in the cutoff with [8dTd] and Phil Ivey raised to 600,000 with [Ad7d].  Yong check-folded the [AsKs8c] flop, however, when Ivey bet 500,000.

Yong and Ivey Trade Big Blind Antes; Yong Rivers Gutshot

No flops for a few hands.  Action has included both players calling in the cutoff with [9cTd] (Yong) and [8s7c] (Ivey) only to fold to raises from their opponents (Yong at the time with [KsQc], then Ivey with [KdJd]). Yong came out slightly ahead over these multiple small confrontations, then won

Yong Makes Small Inroads Into Ivey’s Stack

Wai Kin Yong has built his stack up by about a million chips in small pots at the start of heads up, including taking advantage of his button with [Qc6d].  He raised to 460,000 after Phil Ivey limped for 160,000 with [QhTh], the latter making the call but folding when