Wai Leong Chan Wins Second $25k Short Deck Title and $457,500 in Event #3

Wai Leong Chan has picked up his second $25,000 Short Deck title in Event #3, seeing off Paul Phua heads up to secure the trophy and $457,500 first prize.  Coolly comfortable at this buy-in level and relatively new format, Chan outlasted his final five competitors, three of whom have already

Thai Ha Loses Flush Over Flush on the River: 3rd for $213,500

Thai Ha has followed Ivan Leow almost immediately to the rail after a big pot vs. Wai Leong Chan.  Cutoff Ha limp-called button Chan's preflop raise with [Jh9h] (Chan held [AhKh]) to see a flop of [8sTh7c].  Both players checked (Ha first to act with a flopped nut straight). The turn:

Phua Breaks Tie at Top of Chip Counts

Thai Ha limped for 100,000 under the gun with [AhKc], followed by Paul Phua with [AcTc]; button Ivan Leow checked his [qd9s]. Flop: [AdTs6c].  Ha led out for 125,000 and Phua made it 400,000.  Leow folded and Ha called. Phua filled up on the [Td] turn, checking behind when Ha checked to

Chan and Ha Vie for Chip Lead

Chip leader Wai Leong Chan (who'd snuck just in front of Thai Ha in the last few minutes) raised to 325,000 under the gun with [AdQd], called by second in chips Ha with [JcJh] and button Danny Tang (with 1.2 million behind) holding [QsTs]. Flop: [JdTcAc].  Chan bet out 550,000 and

Sometimes It’s the Front Door That You Hit

After a couple of limped family pots that got no further than the flop and a single bet, everyone but Danny Tang called for 60,000 to see a flop of [AsJdTs].  First to act Paul Phua, having flopped bottom two pair with [JhTh], checked.  Ivan Leow bet 125,000 with the

Ha Uses Timebank to Decide to Bluff, then Leow Flops a Flush

Thai Ha picked up over a million chip pot with a re-bluff river jam on Paul Phua (holding [JsTh] on a [Kh8dAh9d6c] board when Phua had led out with [QcTc], prompting a quick fold). Soon thereafter, a four-way limped pot saw Ivan Leow flop a flush with [Th8h], the board checked