Iralasky Puts It in the Middle

Sergio Iralasky played the Super High Roller earlier this week and he is now registered in the Main Event. He just limped from middle position and the player in the hijack raised to 33,000 and Fernando Araujo called from the small blind. Iralasky thought it wasn't enough and he pushed all

Kempe Knocked Out

Rainer Kempe had 640,000 left after the sizable hand where he folded the river, but his seat was vacant the next time we walked by. His former table mate Roberto Romanello didn't know the exact details of Kempe's bust out hand, but did tell us that the German high roller had

Iralasky Eliminated by Urbanovich

Sergio Iralasky got his last 1,350,000 in the middle from the button with [kcqc] and he was called by Dzmitry Urbanovich from the small blind with [8s8h]. The board ran out without any kings or queens and Urbanovich held on to the best hand after the river was dealt. The pot

Hallaert Exits

Seated under the gun, Kenny Hallaert shoved for 495,000. The action folded to Sergio Iralasky on the button and he called. Both blinds folded. Kenny Hallaert: [AsKh] Sergio Iralasky: [QsQh] The board ran out [2d3d3c] [Jd] [8c] and Hallaert said his goodbyes.

Scholten Getting Trapped

Freek Scholten raised from the hijack to 90,000 with [2h2d] and he was called by Sergio Iralasky from the small blind with [qctc] and Marty Mathis from the big blind with [8d5c]. The [qhtstd] flop gave a boat to Iralasky and he checked. So did Mathis but Scholten took a stab

Iralasky Makes Hallaert Fold the Best Hand

Sergio Iralasky raised to 40,000 from middle position holding [as9s] and Kenny Hallaert three-bet to 150,000 with [thtd] from the button. The blinds got out of the way and Iralasky called. The flop was [qd7c5c] and both players checked. The turn was the [9c] and Iralasky put his entire stack of

Peluso and Iralasky Take it Easy

Sergio Iralasky limped from early position with [jsjc] and it folded to big blind Luis Peluso who raised it up to 175,000 with [ahqd]. Iralasky called and they went heads-up to the flop. The first three community cards were [kd8h4h] and both checked. They also quickly checked on the [5h] turn

Zinno Busts Two

Down to just over a single big blind, Sergio Iralasky moved in from under the gun plus one. Anthony Zinno in the hijack raised to 120,000 and Felix Bleiker shoved for 175,000 from the cutoff. The button and both blinds folded, Zinno called. Sergio Iralasky: [9x2x] Anthony Zinno: [AdTh] Felix Bleiker: [9s9c] After all

Simao’s River Check-Raise Fails

When we arrived, the river was already out in a pot between Joao Simao (small blind,) Sergio Iralasky (big blind,) and Lander Lijo (under the gun.) Simao checked on [8sTsTh] [9d] [9c] and Iralasky bet 130,000. Lijo thought about it for a bit before he eventually folded. Simao used a bit