Two Pair for Sergi Reixach

On a board of [Tc5h3h8c], the big blind bet out 2,000 and Sergi Reixach called in the cutoff. The river landed the [3c] and both players checked. The big blind tabled his [Ac4s], but Reixach revealed his [JsTs] to collect the pot with two pair.

Sergi Reixach Eliminated

Sergi Reixach moved all in after a raise from Barry Hutter. Hutter made the call with the [JcJd]. Reixach was all in with the [8d8h]. No help came for Reixach as the board ran out [KhTd3d9d7h] and Reixach was eliminated.

Matthew Sabia Wins Event #36: $15K No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout for $155,515

Following a dominating display of aggression at the final table, Matthew Sabia has won Event #36: $15,000 No-Limit Hold'em Freezeout from the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open to collect the $155,515 first-place prize. The unusual freezeout format for a high roller tournament would see 27 individuals take a seat throughout the

Sergi Reixach Eliminated in 2nd Place ($97,200)

On the button, Sergi Reixach (pictured) jammed all in for 285,000. Matthew Sabia quickly called and tabled the [AsQh]. Reixach had the [7h5h]. The flop, turn, and river ran out [Kh6h6sJcQd] to mark the end of the road for Reixach. He fought hard during heads-up play, but ultimately Sabia proved

Trips for Matthew Sabia

Sergi Reixach called on the button and Matthew Sabia checked his option in the big blind. Both players checked the [KsQsJc] flop and the [2s] turn to see the [Qd] pair the board on the river. Sabia bet 65,000 and Reixach called. Sabia showed the [Qc7h] for trip queens and Reixach

Matthew Sabia Bets Out Sergi Reixach

Sergi Reixach limped the button and Matthew Sabia checked his option in the big blind. The flop landed [4d6sAs] and Sabia check-called a bet of 15,000 from Reixach. The [Th] checked through on the turn as the [6h] completed the board on the river. Sabia led out for 115,000 and Reixach folded.

Sergi Reixach Is “Back To Square One”

On the button, Sergi Reixach made the call. Matthew Sabia checked and the flop fell [AhAc4c]. Sabia checked, Reixach bet 15,000, and Sabia check-raised to 55,000. Reixach stuck around with a call. The turn was the [Jh] and Sabia checked. Reixach fired 110,000 and Sabia made the call. The river was the