Sam Trickett Victorious in Event #2, Taking Home $435,000

After half a level of cagey back and forth pots with Ivan Leow, Sam Trickett with one fell outdraw (see below) has scooped the title and $435,000 first prize.  A late Day 1 registrant in this 58-runner $25,000 No Limit Hold'em event, Trickett navigated his way through the nine-handed final

Leow Back in a Slight Lead as Small Pots Traded

A couple of low to middling aces were played from the big blind by Ivan Leow recently, the first (ace-five offsuit) picking up a Sam Trickett button opening raise when he three-bet it.  The second lost that amount of chips back: Leow, with [Ah9d], called Trickett's raise to 240,000.  It

Leow Evens the Stacks

Sam Trickett limped his button with [7h6h], then called Ivan Leow's raise (holding [KdJd]) to 250,000.  A gutshot and flush draw for Trickett on the [3h4c9h] flop - he went nowhere to a lead out of 90,000 from Leow.  The turn paired the three ([3d]) and both players checked.  The

Matthias Eibinger Out in 3rd ($203,000)

Mateos' chair had barely stopped spinning before another final table elimination took place - that of Matthias Eibinger.  Ivan Leow folded his button, Sam Trickett raised from the small blind and Eibinger moved in for 1,100,000 from the big.  Trickett made the call with [ThJh] to find Eibinger with dominating

Mateos Doubles, Busts in Back To Back Hands (Picks Up $145,000 for 4th)

First hand back from a short break, and Adrian Mateos finally picked something up, first to act - [AdQs].  With just 380,000, his chips were soon over the line.  Big blind Matthias Eibinger thought for a moment, then made the call with [Jc4c].  The board brought Mateos a double ([Ts5h3sqhah]). 

Finally, a Lull in Showdowns

The breakneck speed of eliminations seen at the start of this final has eased back this level, with fewer showdowns or even pots worth more than a few big blinds contested.  Still, with the blinds at 30,000/60,000, a few big blinds represents a good proportion of the shorter players' stacks;

Artur Martirosyan Eliminated in 6th Place ($87,000)

Artur Martirosyan never recovered from doubling Matthias Eibinger right at the start of this final table, and failed to improve when he got his last 180,000 in preflop with [JcTc], called by Sam Trickett with [Ad4h].  His final, unhelpful board ran out [9sKs3s5d5h] and the pace of busting today continues