Sam Grafton Eliminated

Sam Grafton was seen walking to the payout desk with a somewhat wry smile on his face. Still in good spirit, he explained what had happened. From the hijack, Grafton opened [6s7s]. His opponent in the cutoff three-bet and Grafton called. On [Tc8c5s], Grafton checked. His neighbor made a continuation bet of

Hossein Ensan Eliminated

On the live-streamed feature table, World Series of Poker Main Event champion Hossein Ensan just lost the last of his chips. With Sam Grafton opening before him, Ensan shoved for his last sixteen big blinds in late position. Patrick Leonard woke up with [AxKx] behind him and over shoved for

Andersson Shows He’s Not Afraid

With 67 players remaining and 60 making it in the money today, the bubble is approaching. That didn't prevent Fredrik Andersson from making a big call just now, eventually resulting in his double up through Sam Grafton. Grafton opened from the hijack and Andersson defended from the big blind. Andersson would

Grafton Eliminates Simao in 18 Million Pot

Joao Vieira opened the hand with a raise to 250,000 from early position before Sam Grafton three-bet to 625,000 from middle position. Joao Simao, who has been battling with Grafton all day today, cold four-bet to 1.3 million. This got rid of the button, blinds, and Vieira but not Grafton.

Grafton Grafting

Table chip leader (and top five in chips at the minute) Sam Grafton is in active mode, most recently welcoming new player to the table Santiago Plante with a friendly three-bet of his preflop 180,000 open to 800,000 from the big blind (no call). His table is stacked thusly:

Grafton Exits to Siden with Kicker Spike Suckout

Sam Grafton was all-in preflop already when we caught the hand, for under two million chips with [AcKc], up against the [Adqs] of Per Siden.  He was standing up when the [qd] appeared in the window, with the double-pairing [8s6d6c8h] changing nothing. Grafton still had a smile for the table

“The Greatest” Filatov Says of Grafton

When we arrived, the river was already out and a whole lot of chips were in the middle. Sam Grafton, the one to eventually rake in the pot, explained what happened with Anatoly Filatov giving some color commentary on how great Grafton was in the hand. Grafton opened the pot with