Rodrigo Seiji Eliminated in 2nd Place ($129,800)

Rodrigo Seiji lost almost his entire stack in a big clash with [kh2d] against the [as6h] of Farid Jattin. He was left with just 3,400,000. He then doubled up with ace-queen against seven-five, then with jack-six against ace-queen, and then with eight-four against eight-deuce. In the final hand he lost with queen-deuce

Roberto José Sagra Eliminated in 4th Place ($75,000)

Roberto José Sagra put his last 10,600,000 in the middle from the cutoff and he was called by button Rodrigo Seiji. The blinds folded and they opened up. Roberto José Sagra: [as8c] Rodrigo Seiji: [ahad] The board ran out [qs4h2h7cqd] and Seiji collected another scalp and he eliminated Sagra. Sagra has to settle

Jattin Plays it Safe

Rodrigo Seiji opened the button for 1 million and big blind Farid Jattin called. Jatin check-called a bet of 1.2 million on the [KsQh6h] flop and another 3.5 million on the [8h] turn. The river brought the [9d] and both players checked. With the river getting checked through, Jattin showed

Marvin Rettenmaier Eliminated in 5th Place ($60,000)

It folded to Rodrigo Seiji in the small blind and he asked big blind Marvin Rettenmaier how much he was playing. The answer was 6,100,000 and Seiji replied by announcing all in. Rettenmaier peeked at his first card, then at his second as he quickly called. Marvin Rettenmaier: [ahkd] Rodrigo Seiji: [kh7h] The

Two Streets of Value for Seiji

Rodrigo Seiji opened to 800,000 under the gun and big blind Roberto José Sagra called. Sagra check-called abet of 1 million on the [9hAsJh] flop and a two-million-bet on the [8d] turn. The [2d] river was checked by both and Sagra showed [4h8h]. Seiji tabled [AdKh] and took down the

Jack Sinclair Eliminated in 7th Place ($45,000)

In the first hand back from break, the action folded to Rodrigo Seiji on the button and he put five newly introduced 1,000,000-chips in the middle to put the pressure on the blinds. Marvin Rettenmaier folded his small blind but Jack Sinclair instantly called all in from the big blind

Seiji Wins Some Chips

Farid Jattin raised to 825,000 and he was called by Roberto José Sagra in the small blind and Rodrigo Seiji from the big blind. The flop fell [qsqc2c] and it checked to Jattin. He continued with a bet of 975,000 and Sagra raised to 3,000,000. Seiji called and Jatting folded. The turn

Jattin Doubles Through Del Vecchio

Rodrigo Seiji opened from middle position for 600,000 and small blind Michael Del Vecchio three-bet to 2,250,000. Big blind Farid Jattin tanked for a bit, used a time extension card, and cold four-bet to 4,325,000. Seiji thought it over for a bit but folded. Del Vecchio used a time extension

Backdoor Flush for Quijada

Rodrigo Seiji opened the hijack for 500,000 and small blind Hilario Quijada and big blind Michael Del Vecchio both called. The blinds checked to the original raiser on [Qd8s2h] and he answered with a 600,000 continuation bet. Quijada called, Del Vecchio folded. Quijada check-called another 1.1 million on the [4h] turn before