Randall Emmett Eliminated by Vicent Bosca

Vicent Bosca raised to 4,500 from the hijack before Randall Emmett moved all-in for 10,000 next to act. From the button, Johan Guilbert four-bet to 20,000, and when the action returned to Bosca, he moved all-in for roughly 100,000, and Guilbert folded. Emmett: [4d4s] Bosca: [QcQh] The board ran out [AsJd3dThQd] and Emmett

Flop Bet Win for Alex Foxen

Randall Emmett limped in from early position and Alex Foxen raised to 7,500 from the button. Sam Soverel called in the big blind, as did Emmett to see the [KsKdJs] flop. Action checked to Foxen and he continued for 8,000. Soverel folded, and as Emmett was deliberating, Foxen said, "That's your

Rewatch Week 7 of Friday Night Poker on YouTube and Facebook

Friday Night Poker is now available on YouTube and Facebook with the 13-episode season being reaired every Friday. Originally premiering on Stadium's Facebook Watch platform, Friday Night Poker is now available on PokerGO's YouTube channel and Facebook page for viewers to rewatch some highly entertaining cash game poker action from the