Rainer Kempe Busts

Rodrigo Seji opened the cutoff for 240,000, a min-raise. Small blind Rainer Kempe shoved for about 2.7 million and the big blind folded. Seji tossed in a chip to call but the dealer and Kempe thought he tossed his initial raise in, indicating a fold. But it was, in fact,

Thirty-Two Entries So Far

With registration open for entries and reentries untill the third level of Day 2 starts, the 50 entries needed to make the $500,000 guarantee doesn't seem to be a problem. The partypoker MILLIONS South America $10,300 High Roller Finale is already up to 32 entries and more players keep rolling

”I’m Going to Teach You to Not Limp My Button”

Brunno Botteon De Albuquerque was one of the online players who found their way to Day 3. He just doubled up Chino Rheem and Rheem, and his neighbor Rainer Kempe, were kind enough to provide the details. De Albuquerque limped under the gun and another player limped as well. Rheem pushed

Kempe Doubles With King-Ten Through Aces

From the hijack, Rainer Kempe got his last 2.7 million in the middle with [KhTc] up against the [AcAs] of Mariano Mir on the button. Kempe was way behind but found a lucky run out to see him double: [Ks4s9h] [6c] [Kc]. Mir slammed the table in frustration as Kempe got his

Kempe Goes for Value Against Bleiker

The board read [8s7s6dkh] and Rainer Kempe checked to Felix Bleiker when there was about 1,000,000 in the middle already. Bleiker checked behind and the [9h] completed the board. Kempe went for a very small bet of 125,000 and was called by Bleiker but the [as9s] of Kempe was good enough

Scholten Doubles Kempe

Freek Scholten was seen with a much shorter stack than before and was kind enough to tell us what had happened. Scholten opened from middle position holding [AxJx] off-suit and called Rainer Kempe's 1.4 millon cutoff jam with [9x9x]. The board brought nothing but bricks and Kempe doubled.

Kempe Loses Some

When we arrived, the board was already out in a hand between Rainer Kempe (cutoff) and the player under the gun. With [7d7hJc] [7c] [4h] on the table, Kempe was facing a bet of 400,000. The German high roller tanked long and hard and eventually called. His opponent showed [KhJd]