Conversations with Phil Ivey Now Available on PokerGO

Phil Ivey has always been one of the most alluring stars in the poker world. He is often included alongside Phil Hellmuth and Daniel Negreanu as the poker stars that have garnered the most attention around the world. Hellmuth and Negreanu are often thrust into the poker spotlight and have embraced

No Back-to-Back Trophies for Phil Ivey

Phil Ivey jammed for 41,000 when it folded to him preflop with [JdTd], called by Wai Leong Chan in the hijack with a dominating [AcJc].  Over to cutoff Artur Martirosyan, who paused for a moment before three-betting small, to 105,000 with [9c9d].  Chan made the call to see a [3h6hAs]

Ivey and Sam Greenwood Double Through Martirosyan Simultaneously

Phil Ivey having just 11,000 remaining, it all went in preflop with the strong first-hand pick up of [AcKd].  Sam Greenwood behind him took the plunge too, with [Kh3h], this second total bet of 76,000 called by Artur Martirosyan with [JsTs].  The [9c9d9s4d7d] board failed to eliminate even one of

Feature Table Changing During the Break

As the players below head off into the hole-card-cam-free zone of the outer tables, among the line-up coming on the live stream shortly will be Phil Ivey (currently very short) and Stephen Chidwick.