Farrell Eliminated

Niall Farrell raised to 60,000 from the button and the player in the small blind called. Big blind Maximiliano Gallardo three-bet to 285,000 and Farrell called. The small blind got out of the way. The flop was [ts9h3c] and Gallardo took his time to count out a bet of 125,000. Farrell

Farrell Makes Triple-Barrel Bluff, Now Short

Niall Farrell opened under the gun for 25,000 and saw the action fold around quickly to the player in the big blind who called. The big blind checked on [As6cKc] and Farrell bet 45,000. The big blind called and check-called Farrell's 155,000 bet on the [4h] turn as well. The [Jh] on

Niall Farrell Eliminated on the Bubble

Niall Farrell raised to 1,925,000 with only 25,000 behind from the cutoff with [8s8c]. Jacob Daniels called with [qdtd] from the small blind and big blind Francisco Benitez thought about it for a minute before he called as well with [jsjc], thinking it was an all in. He was about

Sagra Folds a Straight

Niall Farrell raised under the gun with [ahkh] to 240,000 and he was called by Roberto José Sagra from the next seat with [qs9s]. The others folded and the flop fell [kdjstc] to give Sagra a straight. Farrell check-called a bet of 380,000 on the flop to see the [9h] on

partypoker PRO Joao Simao also Eliminated

The [qstd7s] flop was already on the table and Niall Farrell bet 190,000. Joao Simao pushed all in for about 850,000 and Farrell called. Farrell showed [as9s] for a flush draw and Simao had [th9d]. The [3s] turn ended it all for Simao and the [4c] river was dealt as a courtesy. The

Value for Farrell

Niall Farrell called from the small blind and big blind James Romero raised to 225,000. Farrell called the raise and they went heads-up to the flop. The first three cards dealt were [js5s4c] and both players checked. They also checked on the [6h] turn to see the [jh] on the river

Niall Farrell and Rainer Kempe Still in the Race to Win $325,000

The first day of the $25,500 Super High Roller at the partypoker MILLIONS South America in the wonderful Enjoy resort & Casino in Punta del Este, Uruguay, attracted 27 players who fired a total of 35 bullets. Only fifteen of them remain at the start of the second and final

Marty Mathis Leads partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America Super High Roller Final Day

Last year's partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event winner Marty Mathis now leads the 2020 edition's Super High Roller. Mathis, a player with legendary status, known as "TheLipoFund" online, bagged 4.315 million in chips as fifteen players survived Day 1 of the $25,500 buy-in two-day event. Play got underway in Uruguay's

Been Still In

Aaron Been jammed his last 425,000 in the middle with [khth] from the cutoff. The action was on Niall Farrell and he looked at [acks]. He thought about it for a second and he called. The blinds got out of the way. The [qs4d3c] flop left Been drawing very slim, but