Nadya Magnus Eliminated in 8th Place ($67,430)

With a dead button, Nadya Magnus (pictured) moved all in from the hijack seat for 60,000. Jake Daniels called from the small blind and then Joe McKeehen reraised to 230,000 from the big blind. Daniels folded, leaving Magnus at risk with the [3h3s] against the [Ad4h] of McKeehen. The board came

Jake Daniels Doubles, Leaves Nadya Magnus Short

From under the gun, Jake Daniels moved all in for 505,000. Action folded to Nadya Magnus on the button and she went all in. Everyone else folded and it was Daniels at risk with the [Ad8d] against Magnus' [ThTc]. The flop, turn, and river ran out [As4h3hQsAc] to give Daniels the

Dylan Smith Shoves On Nadya Magnus

Dylan Smith raised all in for 300,000 from the small blind. Nadya Magnus took a couple of moments to think about it from the big blind then folded.

Darren Elias Pounces with a Three-Bet

Nadya Magnus opened with a raise from under the gun, making it 80,000 to go. Joseph Cheong called from the next seat, then Joe McKeehen called from the hijack seat. Play made its way around to Darren Elias in the small blind and he put in a reraise to 300,000.

Joe McKeehen Four-Bet Jams and Shows

From under the gun, Thomas Boivin raised to 80,000. Nadya Magnus reraised from the hijack seat and made it 185,000 to go. In the big blind, Joe McKeehen four-bet jammed. Boivin folded, dropping to 725,000 in chips. Magnus also folded and was left with 765,000. McKeehen showed the [AsKc].

Chad Eveslage Goes Shoving

John Riordan raised to 40,000 from the cutoff seat and Chad Eveslage reraised all in for 295,000 from the big blind. Eveslage folded. On the next hand, Eveslage moved in again on a three-bet jam. This time, it was Nadya Magnus who opened with a raise to 40,000 on the button.

Jake Schindler Hits a Flush To Double Through Nadya Magnus

After Nadya Magnus raised to 35,000 from under the gun, play folded around to Jake Schindler in the big blind. Schindler reraised all in for 230,000 and Magnus called. Magnus had the [6s6c] and was ahead of Schindler's [4h4s]. The flop, turn, and river ran out [QhJc3hJhAh] to give Schindler a