Mikita Badziakouski Gets His Sweat but Still Eliminated in 3rd ($1,600,000)

Three-handed play is over almost before it got going.  Down to just 10 big blinds, Mikita Badziakouski picked up [AcQh] in the big blind.  Timothy Adams folded, and small blind (chip leader) Christoph Vogelsang paused, still and silent, for around 20 seconds, before setting his opponent all in with [Jh3s]. 

Badziakouski Now the Short Stack

Having lost a pot of over a million chips to Timothy Adams (calling pre and on a [4sad7s] flop with [kh7h] before giving up on a [6c] turn when Adams bet 600,000 (with [As9d], as it happened)), Mikita Badziakouski has dropped in chips to 13 big blinds.

Final Table *Still* Four-Handed, Little Between the Stacks

The final four players are oscillating between being bunched tightly in chips and having one player stretch a slim lead; they're evenly matched in experience, skill and, so far, help from the deck.  With the blinds creeping up, however, it would only take one big match-up to end the dreams

Vogelsang Check-Calls His Way to a Big Pot

First to act, Christoph Vogelsang raised to 175,000 with [Ahkd].  Button Mikita Badziakouski flatted with [Jd9d].  Heads up to a [KcTh4d] flop, though it was Vogelsang who'd hit top pair, it was Badziakouski who took over betting.  Vogelsang called his 175,000 flop bet, and his 525,000 bet on the [7s] turn,

Adams Continues to Chip Up

Timothy Adams took a sizeable pot from Mikita Badziakouski (along with a few smaller pots), seeing a [4cAc6h] flop from the big blind with [Ah8h]; Badziakouski on the button had raised preflop with [Kc3c] to 130,000.  Something for both of them: Adams check-called a 100,000 bet from Badziakouski here to

Vogelsang Wins Last Hand Pre Break

Christoph Vogelsang raised his button with [KdJs] to 130,000, called by both blinds.  Small blind Ben Heath, with [thjh], and big blind Timothy Adams, with [4c4h], checked the [Kh6dad] flop to Vogelsang, who bet 120,000, Heath alone calling. The turn paired the board with the [6s], no bet.  The [4s] on