Mike Gorodinsky Eliminated in 8th Place ($27,200)

Limit Hold'em We picked up the action with Mike Gorodinsky all-in and Eli Elezra and David Baker had called. The flop fell [Qh8c9d], and Elezra checked. Baker bet, and Elezra called. The turn [Ac] hit the felt, and Elezra checked. Baker bet, and Elezra called. The river [9c] completed the board

Mike Gorodinsky Doubles Through Eli Elezra

Limit Hold'em We picked up the action with the board reading [Qh9dJhAd], and Mike Gorodinsky was all-in, and Eli Elezra called. Elezra: [AsQd] Gorodinsky: [Jd2d] The river landed the [7d], and Gorodinsky rivered the flush to double.

Mike Gorodinsky vs. Eli Elezra

Razz Eli Elezra was the bring-in and action folded to Mike Gorodinsky completed. Elezra called. Gorodinsky bet on fourth street, and Elezra called. Gorodinsky fired again on fifth, leaving himself 110,000 behind. Elezra used all of his shot clock before tossing his cards into the muck.

Richard Sklar vs. Mike Gorodinsky

Stud Richard Sklar opened to 30,000, and Mike Gorodinsky called from the bring-in. Sklar bet fourth street and Gorodinsky called. Sklar bet on fifth street, and Gorodinsky raised. Sixth street checked through. Gorodinsky bet on seventh street, and Sklar called. Gorodinsky tabled [2x9x9x] for two pair, but Sklar tabled [AxTxXx] for

Scoop for Richard Sklar

Omaha Hi-Lo Eli Elezra raised to 50,000 from under the gun and was called by all four players at the table to see a [2d2h3h] flop. After Gorodinsky checked the small blind, Alan Richardson bet out 25,000 from the big blind and Elezra, Richard Sklar, and Gorodinsky called, while David "ODB" Baker

Two Pair for Mike Gorodinsky

Stud Mike Gorodinsky called the bring-in and Alan Richardson raised. Gorodinsky called, and then called a bet on fourth before both players checked fifth. On sixth, Richardson bet, and Gorodinsky called. Gorodinsky: [XxXx] / [Qd9cTh2h] / [Xx] Richardson: [XxXx]/ [Kc4hJh8d] / [Xx] On seventh, Gorodinsky bet and Richardson used a time extension before calling.

Number 4 for Mike Gorodinsky

2-7 Triple Draw Mike Gorodinsky raised to 40,000 in the cutoff and Mark Gregorich reraised to 60,000 in the small blind. Gorodinsky called and drew two behind Gregorich's draw one. Gregorich bet and Gorodinsky called. Gregorich stood pat and bet, while Gorodinsky drew one and then called. Gregorich now checked, and Gorodinsky bet

Mike Gorodinsky Picks Off Jim Collopy

Omaha Hi-Lo Action folded to Mike Gorodinsky on the button, and he opened. Jim Collopy was in the big blind and called. The flop fell [3sQh7h], and Collopy checked. Gorodinsky bet, and Collopy called. The dealer burned and turned the [Qd], and action checked through. The river [Jh] completed the board, and Collopy bet

Mike Gorodinsky vs. Nick Julia

Razz David Baker was the bring-in and action folded to Mike Gorodinsky, and he completed. Nick Julia was next to act, and he raised to 16,000. Baker folded, and Gorodinsky called. Julia checked called a bet on fourth street, fifth and sixth street. And action checked through on seventh. Gorodinsky tabled [5x5x]/[5x] for ten-eight,

Straight for Mike Gorodinsky

Pot-Limit Omaha Mike Gorodinsky limped in from the small blind and Chad Campbell raised to 12,000 in the big blind. Gorodinsky called, and when the flop landed [8cJhTd], he checked. Campbell bet 15,000 and Gorodinsky called as the turn fell the [5c]. Gorodinsky checked, and Campbell bet 40,000. Gorodsinky used a time extension,