Inaugural MILLIONS Winner Lampropoulos Doubles Up

  Maria Lampropoulos saw off a 1,204-strong field back in 2017 to win the first MILLIONS event for £1,000,000 and is looking at a second deep run here this year.  She just took a chunk of chips from Michael Zhang who gave it maximum firepower but ran into a real hand: We

Zhang’s Kings Crushed by Reeves’ Aces

Rainer Kempe opened the button for 60,000 but would discover soon enough that he wouldn't be picking up the blinds just that easy. Small blind Michael Zhang three-bet to 230,000 and big blind Luke Reeves cold four-bet to 500,000 even. That was all Kempe needed to hear and he got

Zhang Calls Correctly

Michael Zhang opened the button and Igor Kurganov called from the big blind. Kurganov check-called 30,000 on [4s4hKc] before they both checked the [Tc] on the turn. Kurganov led for 125,000 on the [2d] river. Zhang called and showed a winner with [Ah3d] as Kurganov's [QdJc] proved no good.

Bicknell Out-Kicks Foxen

An ace on the river spelled a big pot for Kristen Bicknell, who had bet from the flop onwards when initial preflop raiser Alex Foxen (cutoff) checked at each opportunity.  She bet her [Ax9x] off-suit for 65,000 on the [4d2d6s] flop, called by Foxen with the best diamond draw -

Kathy Lehne Wins on the Flop

Michael Zhang raised to 10,000 on the button and Kathy Lehne three-bet the small blind to 25,000. Zhang called, and when the flop landed [4sKs4h], Lehne bet out 25,000 and Zhang quickly folded.