Back to Back Queens for Koon; Second Lot Bust Soyza

Jason Koon opened to 12,000 with [QsQh], called by button Timothy Adams alone with [AdJs].  A flop of [Ah9c7s] saw Koon check-fold to a bet from Adams of 30,000. Next hand, Koon picked up [QsQc], raised to 12,000 again, and found Michael Soyza jamming for 81,000 behind him with [AcTc].  Koon

Michael Soyza Finishes Runner Up ($561,780)

Down to ten button antes, Michael Soyza was put to the test preflop by Phil Ivey, who set him in with [Ah6h].  Soyza elected to take his [Kd7s] and run with it in pursuit of a double up, and called his last 2,630,000 all-in.  He flopped a pair of kings,

Ivey Wins Biggest Pot of the Tournament

Michael Soyza, start of day chip leader, had pulled back the lead recently, but one huge pot (the blinds a very hefty 150,000/300,000 now), changed it all around.  Soyza called with [9c8d] preflop and Ivey raised from the button with [KhQh] to 1,000,000.  Soyza called to see a flop of

Soyza Resilient

Despite his chip deficit, Michael Soyza is proving hard to finish off for Phil Ivey.  He induced a rare incorrect fold from Ivey with ten-high recently, betting out 700,000 on a board of [Ah7sKdQhKc] with [Ts8d] after a cagey check down of the streets.  Ivey passed [Kx9x].

Ivey’s Chip Lead Now 2:1

Phil Ivey just called with [AsQd] preflop and Michael Soyza checked his [Kd9s].  Ivey led out for 300,000 on the [JhKh7d] flop and Soyza, with top pair, made the call.  Both players checked the [9h] turn, but Ivey led out sans heart or straight for 600,000 when the river came

Sudden Action Results in Two Chopped Pots

All the chips flew in preflop (a preflop raise being extremely rare during this extended heads up session, let alone jams), but it turned out that the match-up was [AcKd] vs. [AdKc]: no change in the stacks. The last few hands have seen Phil Ivey pull away from Michael Soyza, but

Soyza Picks Wrong Time to Check-Raise

No raise preflop, and Phil Ivey received an instant straight on a [8dTd7c] flop with [9h6d] on the button, Michael Soyza having completed with [QhTc].  Soyza check-called Ivey's 200,000 flop bet, then checked the [Ac] turn.  Ivey bet again - 600,000 - and Soyza picked quite the time to make

Ivey Bluffs the River

Phil Ivey and Michael Soyza saw an unraised-pre flop of [8cKhKd] with [7jJh] and [Qc9c] respectively.  Ivey led out for 160,000 with his jack-high and Soyza raised to 480,000 with his queen-high.  Ivey made the call.  Both players checked the [Ad] river, and Ivey took the pot down with a