Maxx Coleman Scoops Vasu Amarapu

Omaha Hi-Lo Action folded to Daniel Negreanu in the cutoff, and he opened to 16,000. Maxx Coleman was on the button and three-bet to 24,000. Vasu Amarapu was in the small blind and called. Negreanu called. The flop fell [8s4d5d], and action checked through. The dealer burned and turned the [7d],

Two Pair for Maxx Coleman

Limit Hold'em Maxx Coleman raised the button to 8,000 and Jeremy Ausmus called in the big blind. The flop landed [5dJs8d] and Ausmus checked to Coleman who bet 4,000. Ausmus check-raised to 8,000 and Coleman called. The turn was the [9c] and Ausmus bet 8,000. Coleman called and the river landed the [Ac]. Ausmus

Jared Bleznick Leads the Final Table of Event #8: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Jared Bleznick holds the chip lead heading into the final table of Event #8 $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. Joining Bleznick at the final table are Maxx Coleman, Christopher Usude, Ali Imsirovic, Frank Crivello, and Joseph Sanders, who just missed out on the Event #2 final table finishing in eighth place. Coleman,

Alex Epstein Eliminated on Event #8 Money Bubble

Alex Epstein and Maxx Coleman committed 45,000 each to see the [7cAh3d] flop from out of the blinds. Epstein checked and Coleman bet 35,000. Epstein called, and then checked the [2s] on the turn as Coleman bet out 85,000. Epstein check-raised all-in for 350,000 and Coleman called. Epstein: [AdJdTd5h] Coleman: [Qh5c4h3c] The river landed the

Ali Imsirovic Climbs Over 1 Million

Maxx Coleman raised to 35,000 from under the gun and Ali Imsirovic reraised pot to 120,000 from the small blind. Coleman called and the flop landed [7c7h3s]. Imsirovic continued for 120,000 and Coleman called as the turn fell the [8h]. Imsirovic announced a bet of pot and Coleman folded. Imsirovic tabled his

Maxx Coleman vs. Alex Epstein

Action folded to Alex Epstein in the small blind, and he opened to 31,000. Maxx Coleman was in the big blind and called. The flop fell [Kh5c4d], and Epstein continued for 35,000. Coleman called. The dealer burned and turned the [9s], and Epstein fired for 90,000. Coleman called. The river [Jh] completed the

Maxx Coleman Doubles Through Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein raised to 30,000 from the hijack and Maxx Coleman three-bet to 108,000 from the cutoff. Epstein called and the flop landed [5s6cQh]. Coleman would find himself all-in for his last 243,000 tabling his [AsAd2h4h] to be ahead of Epstein's [KhQsTc8h]. The turn and river landed the [4d] and [3s] and

Frank Crivello Doubles Through Maxx Coleman

Frank Crivello limped in from under the gun and Dylan Weisman raised to 27,000 in middle position. Maxx Coleman called from the big blind before Crivello reraised pot to 138,000. Weisman folded, but Coleman called as the flop landed [7c5sKs]. Coleman bet out and Crivello moved all-in for 335,000. Coleman called. Coleman: