Matthias Eibinger Down to One Chip, then None

The pot that did the damage to Matthias Eibinger saw him three-bet Artur Martirosyan preflop to 80,000 with [AhTs], Martirosyan calling out of position.  On a [9c5s7d] flop, Martirosyan called Eibinger's continuation bet of 36,000 having flopped top pair with [ks9s].  He check-called 120,000 on the [4d] turn, too, then

Eibinger Turns Trips (Into Double Up)

Matthias Eibinger has doubled through Seth Davies, after turning trips on a board of [6c5h9d9s] with [Td9h], Davies setting him all in for 163,000 total with a pair of fives after Eibinger led out this street for 42,000.  The [4x] river was an irrelevance; the Austrian in the bright orange

Non-Believer Eibinger Finishes Runner-Up in Dramatic Style ($1,008,000)

Paul Phua raised his button again to 400,000 with [As8s], called by Matthias Eibinger with [8hTh].  Eibinger proceeded to check call starting with the [Ah8c9d] flop (250,000), then the [Kd] turn (500,000) and finally went into the tank when Phua, with a comfortable two pair, set him in for just

The Battle Continues as the Blinds Rise

Paul Phua (and the deck) are putting pressure on Matthias Eibinger, who nevertheless has been holding his head above water, swapping small pots to maintain the chip status quo.  He did just lose a 1.5 million chip pot, however, calling a raise to 400,000 preflop with [8d6d] (button Phua held