Marvin Rettenmaier Eliminated in 5th Place ($60,000)

It folded to Rodrigo Seiji in the small blind and he asked big blind Marvin Rettenmaier how much he was playing. The answer was 6,100,000 and Seiji replied by announcing all in. Rettenmaier peeked at his first card, then at his second as he quickly called. Marvin Rettenmaier: [ahkd] Rodrigo Seiji: [kh7h] The

Michael Del Vecchio Eliminated in 6th Place ($50,000)

Michael Del Vecchio was short for a while and pushed all in from under the gun. His last 2,200,000 went into the middle and it folded to Marvin Rettenmaier. He pushed all in from the small blind for 3,300,000. The big blind folded. Michael Del Vecchio: [kc9s] Marvin Rettenmaier: [actd] The [ksqdth] flop

MacPhee & Romero in Strong Contention for partpyoker High Roller Title

James Romero is continuing his tremendous showing at the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America as, after winning the Super High Roller for $325,000 to start the week, he's not one of the top contenders along with Kevin MacPhee and Kenny Hallaert in the High Roller at the Enjoy Punta Del

Down to Sixty-Nine Players

Marvin Rettenmaier doubled with ace-king against ace-nine, but lost those newfound chips not much later. Rettenmaier is one of the players out on Day 3, and is joined on the rail by the following players:

Rettenmaier Short Losing Queens to Ace-Jack and King-Ten

Diego Zeiter, who had played his way to Day 3 online, came into the day relatively short. In one of the first hands of the day, the action folded to him in the cutoff and he shoved for 1,465,000. His neighbor, Oskar Prehm, over shoved from the button for about

Rettenmeier Busy on the Bubble Lead-Up

Marvin Rettenmeier, briefly over the 10 million chip mark, has been raising to 325,000 repeatedly preflop, taking on his table who, in recent hands, are coming off better out of it. In one hand, his 325,000 open was called by button Per Siden and big blind Anthony White, to see a

Rettenmaier Wins a Small One

Marvin Rettenmaier opened to 165,000 under the gun and Anton Suarez in the small blind called and Matthew Stone in the big blind called. The flop of [Ad7s6c] was checked through and the [Jh] hit the turn. Suarez bet 410,000 and Stone folded. Rettenmaier called. The [Ks] on the river saw both