Norm Macdonald the Poker Player

Norm Macdonald poker

The man, the legend, Norm Macdonald is better known as a stand-up comedian who even other stand up comedians can laugh at. But Norm Macdonald the poker player is as entertaining at the felt as he is on stage. If you've been to see Macdonald live in the Norm Macdonald

Flush for Ami Alibay

With about 100,000 in the pot and the flop reading [8c5cKs], action checked to Martin Raus on the button and he bet 75,000. Maria Ho called from under the gun, Ami Alibay called from the hijack and the player in the cutoff folded. The turn was the [Ac] and all three

Maria Ho Folds the Turn to Ryan Rivers

From under the gun, Maria Ho raised to 17,000 and Ryan Rivers in the big blind called. The [6s9c5s] flop checked through to reveal the [6d] on the turn. Rivers bet out 25,000, and Ho folded.

Maria Ho vs. Mike Del Vecchio

Maria Ho limped from the small blind and Mike Del Vecchio checked his option. The flop was [Ah6dKc], Ho bet 5,000 and Del Vecchio called. The turn was the [7c] and both players checked. The river was the [3h], Ho checked, Del Vecchio bet 15,000 and Ho called. Del Vecchio tabled [Qc7h] for a

Alex Foxen vs. Maria Ho

Alex Foxen raised to 36,000 in the cutoff and Maria Ho called on the button. The flop landed [Ts4sTc] and Foxen continued for 28,000. Ho called and then both players checked the [Qs] on the turn. The river landed the [Ad] and Foxen bet out 230,000 and Ho folded.