Marcel Luske Hits the Rail

Marcel Luske was seen walking away from his table, not a good sign at this stage of the tournament. Luske explained how he had 1.1 million in chips before the start of the hand when someone opened for 85,000 and another player three-bet to 225,000. With [AxKx] in the big

Marcel Luske Sends One Packing

Marcel Luske had just lost a sizable hand with queen-jack against ace-ten but gained some back right away. In a pre-flop all in with [Kh10s], he won against his opponent's [Ah5c]. The flop of [Kc10d3c] just about settled it, though Luske's opponent got some outs with the [5s] on the

More Level 2 Entrants

There are now 106 entries, Day 1b's field swelling expectedly faster than Day 1a's. Among them:

Ari Engel vs. partypoker pro Marcel Luske

Action folded to partypoker pro Marcel Luske in the hijack and he raised to 70,000. Ari Engel called from the big blind. The flop came down [AsQd6s] and Engel check-called 75,000 from Luske. The turn was the [2h], Engel checked, Luske bet 150,000 and Engel folded.