Day 2 Starts at 12 Noon Local Time

A total of 177 players will show up at the start of Day 2 of the $10,300 partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event as the field combines for the first time in the Enjoy Punta del Este Resort & Casino in beautiful Punta del Este, Uruguay. Cards will be in

More for Geilich

The player under the gun opened for 55,000 and Ludovic Geilich called under the gun plus one. That invited the cutoff and the big blind to call as well so it was four-way to the flop. On [6h6d5d], the big blind checked. The initial-raiser bet 75,000 and Geilich called as did

Geilich Chips Up

Ludovic Geilich saw the [8c5h2cjc8d] board from the cutoff and there was 226,000 in the middle. The big blind checked to Geilich who fired a bet of 200,000. His opponent called after a while and Geilich showed [qd8h]. ''Ocho?'' his opponent asked before mucking his cards.

Geilich Gives Up

Ludovic Geilich opened the button for 40,000 and the small blind called, the big blind folded. The small blind check-called Geilich's 48,000-bet on the [6d6hJd] flop and 138,000-bet on the [8h] turn. The [2s] river saw both players check and the small blind revealed [Jh10s] for a winner as Geilich

Ludovic Geilich Eliminated

Ludovic Geilich was seen sitting with a stack of just 37,000, a fraction of the 1,000,000 we had seen him with just before. Catching our glance, he explained what happened. Farid Jattin, who had just sat down, opened the action with a raise to 19,000 from the cutoff. Geilich found [AhKh]

Ludovic Geilich Exits in 11th Place ($60,000)

Ludovic Geilich's last 4,000,000 was all in preflop after the damage dealt the hand before with [jcyh], Anton Suarez the player to take him on with [qc4h]. The board ran out [2dkc3has3d], eliminating the partypoker Ambassador and bringing the number of contenders for the title to ten.