Luc Greenwood Busts to Chidwick’s Turned Gutshot

Luc Greenwood opened to 22,000 with [8h8d], then called big blind Stephen Chidwick's three-bet from the big blind (worth 90,000).  Chidwick, with [QdQc], shoved on the [8sTsjs] flop (Greenwood's stack 392,000).  Greenwood snap-called having flopped a set (the same set with which Chidwick busted Davies, cracking his kings, incidentally). The

Greenwood (Luc) Takes from Chidwick, Proving It’s Possible

Luc Greenwood opened to 18,000 with [JsTs] and Stephen Chidwick defended his big blind with [Kh3s].  Both players flopped pairs on the rainbow [Th7s3d] flop.  Chidwick check-called 16,000 on the flop and a further 60,000 on the [2d] turn, but did not call Greenwood's final bet of 100,000 on the

Reixach Hoped for Triple Up; Found the Rail

Sergi Reixach found an open button and moved all in with [Kd5d] for 37,000 (six big blinds).  Both small blind Vicent Bosca Ramon, with [Qh9h] and big blind Luc Greenwood, with [KhJs], made the call. Reixach must have been delighted with his chances for a triple up as the flop of

Adams Continues to Put Greenwood to the Test

Luc Greenwood and big blind Timothy Adams both caught a pice of a heads up flop of [Ah8h5s], Adams having called a preflop raise to 14,000.  Adams checked with [8s9h] and Greenwood bet his top pair ([Ac7s]) to the tune of 24,000; call.  The turn [8c] brought Adams trips, which

Luc Greenwood Secures Double with Aces

Cary Katz holding [As8s] had called a three-bet (40,000) from button Luc Greenwood, seeing an enticing flop of [AdTsKs].  Greenwood, however, had flopped a set with [AhAc].  He bet 20,000 when Katz checked to him on the flop, then another 50,000 on a [3c] turn.  Katz called both here and

Second Giant Triple Barrel Bluff Gets Through for Adams

Eye-opening play from Timothy Adams this afternoon on the feature table: a second huge bluff over three streets (again with queen high) has won him another big pot, this time from Luc Greenwood. Adams opened preflop to 11,000 with [QsJd], called by Luc Greenwood with [AsKh] - who, it looks like,

Mikita Badziakouski Turns Final Table Chip Lead to $765,000 Payday in Event #4

Mikita Badziakouski returned for Day 2 of Event #4: $50,000 No Limit Hold’em as chip leader and sailed through to victory with aggressive play and a little heads up deck-based help against eventual runner-up Artur Martirosyan.  He collected $765,000 after seeing off a star-studded final table, whittled from 45 entries,

Third Bustout in as Many Hands: Luc Greenwood Finishes 3rd for $337,500

Blink and you'll have missed this final table going from short-handed to heads up.  Cutoff Artur Martirosyan took the last 540,000 in front of Luc Greenwood, raising in the cutoff with [Ac9d]; Greenwood took the plunge with [QdJc] but received no help from the [6h3d8dAh2s] board.