Lauren Roberts Eliminated in 9th Place ($45,000)

Action folded to Nick Petrangelo in the small blind, and he moved all in for close to 600,000. Lauren Roberts called all in for 105,000, and the cards were tabled. Petrangelo: [QhQc] Roberts: [Th8d] The dealer spread the [As2c6d7s2s] board and Roberts was eliminated in ninth-place for a $45,000 payday.

Lauren Roberts and Sean Winter Chop a Pot with Same Hand

Martin Zamani opened under-the-gun for 40,000. Sean Winter then moved all-in, as did Lauren Roberts. Zamani got out of the way. Both players had the same hand but opposite suits. Winter: [AdQd] Roberts: [AhQh] Roberts got a free roll when the flop came [Kh9h4c] but got no help on the turn [9s] or

Lauren Roberts Scores Double on Sam Soverel

Sam Soverel opened to 35,000 from under the gun and Lauren Roberts moved all in from the small blind for 280,000. Soverel instantly called. Soverel: [AhKc] Roberts: [AsJh] "I gotta get lucky," announced Roberts. The dealer spread a [Jd7s9hTd5c] board and Roberts struck top pair on the flop and held for a double.

Justin Bonomo Eliminated by Lauren Roberts

We caught the action right as the dealer was shipping the pot to Lauren Roberts who had just eliminated Justin Bonomo. She held [AcTc] with the board reading [AxAxQx4x2x]. Bonomo's cards had already been mucked and he was leaving the facilities.

Lauren Roberts Eliminated by Dan Shak

Dan Shak and Lauren Roberts committed 8,000 preflop in a battle of the blinds to see a [5h2h9d] flop. Shak checked to Roberts who bet 11,000, and after Shak called and the turn landed the [7c], he checked once more. Roberts bet 24,000, and Shak moved all in for roughly 150,000. Roberts

Lauren Roberts Eliminated by Rodger Johnson

On a board of [3d2cJh3h], Lauren Roberts was all in holding [As4s] for roughly her last 30,000 against Rodger Johnson and his [QsQd]. Needing to find an ace or five to stay alive, the river landed the [Ts], and Roberts was eliminated.