Nut Flush Nets Alex Foxen Big Pot Early

Kristin Bicknell limped under the gun, action folded to Anthony Alberto who limped as well. Alex Foxen was next to act and potted to 5,500. The blinds folded before Bicknell and Alberto called. The flop came [5c6s7c] and all three players checked. The turn brought the [9c] and Bicknell lead out for

This Month on PokerGO

Playing off Poker Central's "This Week in Poker" articles, which highlight the three biggest story lines across the poker landscape, Poker Central introduces "This Month on PokerGO." Each month, we'll highlight the newest additions to PokerGO's expansive library, including live event streams and a wide range of original programming. Whether

“Femme Fatale” Cash Games Live on PokerGO

After some lineup changes earlier in the week, "Femme Fatale" week on Poker After Dark is officially underway. The seven-handed $100/$200 No Limit Hold'em cash game is streaming live on PokerGO, featuring seven of the game's best and most popular female players. GPI #1 ranked female Kristin Bicknell leads the lineup,