Kings-Up for Robert Mizrachi

Stud Catching the action on fourth street, Kevin Gerhart bet and both Jake Abdalla and Robert Mizrachi called. This betting sequence was repeated on fifth, and when sixth street fell, Mizrachi took the betting lead. Gerhart raised and Abdalla folded. Mizrachi made it three bets to go, and Gerhart called. Gerhart: [XxXx] /

Kevin Gerhart Goes Uncalled on Seventh

Stud Hi-Lo Kevin Gerhart had the bring-in and Jake Abdalla completed. Robert Mizrachi called, as did Gerhart. Fourth street checked through, and on fifth, Abdalla bet and both Mizrachi and Gerhart called. Sixth street saw Mizrachi take the lead, and he bet out 5,000. Gerhart raised, and Abdalla called while Mizrachi released. Gerhart: