Rewatch Week 6 of Friday Night Poker on YouTube and Facebook

Friday Night Poker is now available on YouTube and Facebook with the 13-episode season being reaired every Friday. Originally premiering on Stadium's Facebook Watch platform, Friday Night Poker is now available on PokerGO's YouTube channel and Facebook page for viewers to rewatch some highly entertaining cash game poker action from the

Kelly Minkin Eliminated by Manuel Ruivo

Action was on Manuel Ruivo with about 140,000 committed from the cutoff, facing a reraise from Kelly Minkin in middle position to 400,000. After a few moments, Ruivo called. They checked to the turn of a [Js4s7cJh] board where Minkin bet 425,000. Ruivo called. The river was the [3h], Minkin shoved for

Kelly Minkin Slips

Kelly Minkin raised to 30,000 from the button and the player in the big blind called. The flop was [AhQh3h] and the big blind check-called 25,000 from Minkin. The turn was the [9c] and the big blind check-called 125,000 from Minkin. The river was the [6h] and both players checked. The player in the

Another for Kelly Minkin

Kelly Minkin raised to 20,000 from under the gun, the player in the cutoff called and the player in the small blind three-bet to 108,000. Only Minkin called. The flop was [9s6d4h], the small blind checked, Minkn bet 200,000 and her opponent called. The turn was the [3h], the small blind checked,

Kelly Minkin Off to a Hot Start

On a board of [KdJcJd4d], Kelly Minkin bet out 255,000 and the player in the cutoff called. The river landed the [3s] and Minkin bet 575,000 and her opponent called. Minkin tabled her [KsKh] for the nut full house, and her opponent tabled his [Js8s] and then mucked.

Through the Lens: Big Names & Big Stacks on Day 2A/B

Yesterday, Day 1A and 1B combined into Day 2AB, with plenty of big names and notables returning for action. One of the crazier stories of the day was when Kelly Minkin lost a big hand early, leaving her with just 9,800 in chips. Minkin somehow found a way to spin

“888poker” Week Finale Live on PokerGO

PokerGO is your home for Poker After Dark and the “888poker” week finale is streaming live. “888poker” week’s second $10,000 sit and go will feature online legend Chris Moorman and an online qualifier from 888poker. Moorman is the winningest player in online poker history and both 888poker qualifiers won their Poker After