Julien Martini Eliminated by Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth raised to 16,000 in the hijack and Event #5 champion Julien Martini moved all in from the big blind for 87,000. Kornuth called. Kornuth: [AcTh] Martini: [Ah9c] The board ran out [8cKcAdKs2d] and Martini was eliminated.

Julien Martini Wins Event #5 $10,000 Big Bet Mix ($166,400)

Poker Masters Event #5 $10,000 Big Bet Mix winner Julien Martini.

French pro Julien Martini was down to just half a big blind three-handed in Event #5 $10,000 Big Bet Mix of the 2019 Poker Masters but that didn't stop him from mounting an epic comeback and taking the win! Martini beat out Jorryt van Hoof and Kahle Burns on his

Julien Martini Doubles Through Chance Kornuth

Chance Kornuth opened with an under the gun raise before Julien Martini moved all in from the small blind for 69,000. Kornuth called. Kornuth: [4s4d] Martini: [KsKc] The board ran out [8cKdQsJs2s] and Martini doubled through.

Julien Martini Doubles Through Erik Seidel

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Stephen Chidwick raised to 65,000 from under the gun and Erik Seidel called in the small blind. Julien Martini used a time extension and then reraised to 230,000. Chidwick folded, but Seidel called and drew one as Martini stood pat. Seidel checked, and Martini bet his final 5,000. Seidel

John Cynn vs. Julien Martini

No-Limit Hold'em Julien Martini raised to 25,000 on the button and John Cynn defended his big blind. Both players checked the [4dJc9s] flop to reveal the [Js] on the turn. Cynn bet out 28,000 and Martini called as the river landed the [6d]. Cynn bet 63,000 and Martini folded.

Julien Martini Over 1.5 Million

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw Julien Martini raised to 24,000 from the button and John Cynn three-bet to 88,000 from the big blind. Martini called, and both he and Cynn drew one. Cynn led out for 45,000 and Martini called. Cynn showed his [5x5x] for a pair, and Martini quickly revealed his [Tx9x8x6x4x] to