Michael Addamo and Jason Koon Climb the PokerGO Tour Leaderboard

The inaugural season of the PokerGO Tour presented by Guaranteed Rate features the industry's most high-profile poker tournaments with buy-ins of $10,000 or greater and includes more than 100 tournaments across the globe. The top performer as ranked by the PokerGO Tour presented by Guaranteed Rate leaderboard will earn the Player

Ace-King for Justin Bonomo

From early position, Jason Koon raised to 9,000. David Peters made the call from the hijack seat and then Justin Bonomo reraised to 32,000 from the cutoff seat. Play folded to Koon, he folded, and then Peters made the call. The flop was [6d5s4d] and both players checked to see the

Better Ace High for Michael Addamo

Michael Addamo raised the button to 10,000 and both Jake Schindler and Jason Koon called from the blinds. The [Qc8c6s] flop checked through to reveal the [Qh] on the turn. Schindler and Koon checked, and Addamo bet 11,000. Schindler called and Koon folded as the river landed the [9d] and both players

Jason Koon vs. Nick Petrangelo

Jason Koon raised to 9,000 on the button and Nick Petrangelo called in the big blind to reveal the [ThKdQs] flop. Petrangelo check-called a bet of 6,000 from Koon as the turn landed the [8c]. Petrangelo checked, Koon bet 30,000, and Petrangelo folded.

Queens for Nick Petrangelo

With around 160,000 in the middle and the flop reading [8sJc8h], Nick Petrangelo checked from the small blind to Jason Koon in the cutoff who bet 40,000. Petrangelo called and both players checked down the [2c] and [Ts] on the turn and river. Petrangelo revealed his [QcQh], and Koon mucked.