Cary Katz Doubles Through Jared Jaffee

With the board reading [Tc9c6s] and 40,000 in the middle, action folded to Cary Katz, and he moved all-in for 95,000. Jared Jaffee called, and Daniel Negreanu folded. Jaffee: [Ts7h] Katz: [QcJd] The board ran out [Ad] on the turn, but when the [Jc] fell on the river, Katz made a

Jared Jaffee vs. Ivan Zufic

Jared Jaffee opened to 10,000 from late position and action folded to Ivan Zufic in the big blind, and he called. The dealer spread the [Th4h2s], and Zufic checked. Jaffee continued for 12,000, and Zufic called. The [9d] hit the felt on the turn, and Zufic checked. Jaffee moved all-in for approximately

Seth Davies Doubles Through Jared Jaffee

Seth Davies was all-in for 39,500 on the button holding [JcJh] against the [AdQc] of Jared Jaffee in the big blind. The board ran out [Ks8s5d3sKh] and Davies secured the double.

Jared Jaffee Eliminated on Event #9 Money Bubble

Jared Jaffee was all-in from the small blind for 205,000 against Alex Foxen in the cutoff. Jaffee: [AcJd] Foxen: [9s9d] The board ran out [Qh6dKd3dKs] and Jaffee was eliminated in 16th place and on the money bubble.

Seth Davies vs. Jared Jaffee

With a board reading [Ac6dJh] and approximately 60,000 in the middle, Ali Imsirovic checked, and action was on Jared Jaffee who fired for 32,000. Seth Davies called on the button, and Imsirovic used all his shot clock before tossing his cards into the muck. The turn [Qc] and the river [4d] checked

Jared Jaffee Doubles Through Jonathan Little

Jared Jaffee was all-in and had been called by Jonathan Little, and the cards were already tabled. Jaffee: [QcQs] Little: [6x6x] The board ran out [As4c2cTh2s], and Jaffee doubled.

Jared Jaffee Doubles Through Chris Brewer

Action folded to Chris Brewer on the button, and he opened to 5,000. The small blind folded, and Jared Jaffee moved all-in for 52,000 total from the big blind. Brewer used a time extension and called. Brewer: [Ac7c] Jaffee: [5h5s] The board ran out [Qc8h8sKs3s], and Jaffee's fives held for the double.