Jared Bleznick Leads the Final Table of Event #8: $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha

Jared Bleznick holds the chip lead heading into the final table of Event #8 $10,000 Pot-Limit Omaha. Joining Bleznick at the final table are Maxx Coleman, Christopher Usude, Ali Imsirovic, Frank Crivello, and Joseph Sanders, who just missed out on the Event #2 final table finishing in eighth place. Coleman,

Adam Hendrix Eliminated in 9th Place ($18,900)

Action folded to Jared Bleznick in the small blind, and he opened to 60,000. Adam Hendrix was in the big blind and called. The dealer spread the [8h2h3s], and Bleznick potted for 140,000, which was enough to put Hendrix all-in. Hendrix called. Hendrix: [QsJd8s6d] Bleznick: [AhThKc8d] The board ran out [Td] on the turn

Jared Bleznick Pots His Way to 1.2 Million

On a board of [3dKdAsJh] with around 160,000 in the middle, Jared Bleznick bet out 65,000 from the cutoff only to have Jake Daniels raise to 170,000 from the button. Bleznick called, and the river landed the [Kc]. Bleznick announced a bet of pot totalling 500,000, and Daniels used a time

Jared Bleznick Raises the Turn

Steve Zolotow limped in from under the gun and Christopher Usude raised to 25,000 next to act. Jared Bleznick called next to speak, and Zolotow came along. The [7cQc9d] flop checked through to reveal the [6d] on the turn. Zolotow checked and Usude bet 40,000. Bleznick raised to 130,000 and both Zolotow

Steve Zolotow vs. Jared Bleznick

Jared Bleznick limped from under the gun and Jim Collopy called in the small blind. Steve Zolotow raised pot from the big blind for 40,000 and only Bleznick called. The [Js2sQcQd4d] board checked through to the river where Zolotow bet 30,000 and Bleznick folded.

Jake Daniels vs. Jared Bleznick

With 28,000 in the middle and the board reading [6d8c8h8d], Jared Bleznick checked from the big blind to Jake Daniels under the gun who bet 9,000. Bleznick check-raised to 20,000 and Daniels responded by making it 42,000. Bleznick called and checked the [Th] on the river. Daniels bet 90,000 and Bleznick folded.

Jared Bleznick vs. Alex Foxen

With a board reading [9d9s2h] and approximately 42,000 in the middle. Action was on Jared Bleznick, and he fired for 12,000. Alex Foxen was the only other player in the hand, and he called. The dealer burned and turned the [6d], and Foxen checked. Bleznick fired for 28,000 and Foxen called. The

Adam Hendrix Doubles Through Jared Bleznick

Action folded to Adam Hendrix in the cutoff, and he opened to 14,000. Jared Bleznick was in the big blind, and he announced pot for 44,000. Hendrix moved all-in for his last 75,000 total, and Bleznick called. Hendrix: [AcKs8d6c] Bleznick: [AdAs7s3s] The board ran out [8s5cKh8hJd], and Hendrix turned a full house to