Anton Suarez Ascends to Chip Lead after Huge Cooler

Five-handed, it folded to Anton Suarez on the button, who raised to 3,500,000 with [ahkh]. Over to big blind Jamie O'Connor, who looked down at [asqc] and moved all-in, for 44,200,000.  Suarez called, and the bad news was face-up for O'Connor to see as the board ran out [ks5d4h6d9d].

Final Day Players: Seating and Chips

Day 3 is a wrap! Tomorrow's final day will see these dozen players, led (just) by James Romero, return to play to the final table and beyond from noon (live stream and updates commencing at 1pm). One of them will become the 2020 MILLIONS UK $10,300 Main Event champion, winning $1,000,000

O’Connor Bluffs the Last Hand

In the last hand of the night, Christian Rudolph opened for 2.1 million under the gun. Anton Suarez called from the cutoff and Jamie O'Connor called from the big blind. O'Connor checked on [3d5h3c] and saw initial-raiser Rudolph check as well. Suarez bet 2.5 million and O'Connor check-raised to 7 million.

Patrick Leonard Eliminated

Patrick Leonard, who played his way to Day 3 online, has just been eliminated. The partypoker pro started the hand with around 18 million and got it in against Jamie O'Connor. Patrick Leonard: [8c8d] Jamie O'Connor: [AsQd] The bpard ran out [Qh7c7s] [2s] [7d] and that was the end of it for Leonard. Down

Daniel Ondejka Eliminated

Daniel Ondejka got the last of his chips in with [As4s] up against the [KhKc] of his neighbor Jamie O'Connor. With the board reading [4h7h6c] [Tc] [2d], Ondejka never got much help to survive.

Leonard Loses Some to O’Connor

Patrick Leonard opened the hijack for 1.2 million and Jamie O'Connor in the big blind called. O'Connor check-called a bet of 650,000 on [9d8h3s] before they both checked the [Kc] on the turn. The [8s] on the river saw O'Connor bet out 3 million and Leonard called after using a time