Daniels Recovers

Jacob Daniels raised from early position and he was called by three players. The players from the hijack, cutoff, and big blind all chipped in to see the [9h6c4c] flop on the board. It checked around on the flop and the [qc] turn was dealt. It checked to Daniels who fired

They Meet Again

Marty Mathis, yesterday's runner-up in the $25,500 Super High Roller for $213,750 and Jacob Daniels who finished third in that event for $150,000, are sitting at the same table again today. They just clashed in a sizable pot. Marty Mathis opened under the gun for 15,000 and Jacob Daniels in the

Jacob Daniels Joins the Field

Jacob Daniels, the third-place finisher of the 2020 partypoker MILLIONS South America $25,500 Super High Roller, just registered in the $10,300 Main Event and he took his seat at the tables. He as well gets a stack of 1,000,000 in the new level with blinds at 3,000/6,000 and a button

Jacob Daniels Eliminated in 3rd Place ($150,000)

Jacob Daniels pushed all in for his last 6,775,000 from the button and Marty Mathis folded in the small blind. Big blind James Romero found a hand good enough to call and he put chips in the middle. Jacob Daniels: [3s3h] James Romero: [8s8c] The board was dealt [ks5d4s9d6s] and Daniels was eliminated

Romero Doubles Through Daniels

James Romero limped from the button with [asac] and Jacob Daniels raised all in for 14,575,000 with [qs9d]. He was called by Romero after Marty Mathis folded. The board ran out [9s8h5hkc6d] and Romero secured a double up and was now chip leader of the tournament.

Mathis Doubles Through Daniels

Jacob Daniels pushed all in from the button and Marty Mathis called from the small blind. Ivan Luca folded from the big blind. Marty Mathis: [jsjc] Jacob Daniels: [3s3h] Daniels needed a three to eliminate Mathis but the board landed [ah8c4s9hjh] and Mathis won the pot to double through Daniels.

Mathis Doubles Through Daniels

Jacob Daniels raised all in from the button, covering both Marty Mathis in the small blind and Ivan Luca in the big blind. Daniels jammed with [jhjd] but Mathis found [ahac] in the small blind. He pushed all in as well for what was 3,050,000 and Luca got out of

Francisco Benitez Eliminated in 5th Place ($60,000)

The action folded to Jacob Daniels in the small blind and he put Francisco Benitez all in for effectively 1,175,000. Benitez called and they opened up and Benitez saw the bad news that he was dominated with [td8c] against the [ahth] of Daniels. The board ran out [9h3h2s4c3s] and Daniels eliminated