Jack Sinclair Eliminated in 7th Place ($45,000)

In the first hand back from break, the action folded to Rodrigo Seiji on the button and he put five newly introduced 1,000,000-chips in the middle to put the pressure on the blinds. Marvin Rettenmaier folded his small blind but Jack Sinclair instantly called all in from the big blind

Jattin With the Check-Raise

Like the hand before, Jack Sinclair limped in before the flop, this time from the hijack. Small blind Farid Jattin completed and big blind Roberto José Sagra checked. Jattin checked on [3s8c9c] and Sagra bet 500,000. Sinclair called but Jattin had a bigger plan and check-raised to 1,975,000. Sagra folded, Sinclair

MacPhee & Romero in Strong Contention for partpyoker High Roller Title

James Romero is continuing his tremendous showing at the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America as, after winning the Super High Roller for $325,000 to start the week, he's not one of the top contenders along with Kevin MacPhee and Kenny Hallaert in the High Roller at the Enjoy Punta Del

Sinclair Doubles Through Dubini

Richard Dubini is part of the partypoker PRO team and he is still in the tournament. He played for two hours on the feature table but their table is switched out right now with a different one. Jack Sinclair is also at that table but Dubini has a lot more

Dzivielevski Doubles With Quad Aces

In one of the first hands of the new level, the button opened for a min-raise. From the small blind, Jack Sinclair shoved and big blind Yuri Dzivielevski called all in for less, wagering his 1 million stack. The button folded. Jack Sinclair: [Kx9x] Yuri Dzivielevski: [AsAh] The flop settled things: [Ac5dAd]. The

Jack Sinclair Eliminated

Jack Sinclair started the day short and was down to a mere five big blinds when he found pocket fours. He jammer and ran into [AxKx] who was able to hit. Sinclair is buying back in, he said.

Marty Mathis Leads partypoker LIVE MILLIONS South America Super High Roller Final Day

Last year's partypoker MILLIONS South America Main Event winner Marty Mathis now leads the 2020 edition's Super High Roller. Mathis, a player with legendary status, known as "TheLipoFund" online, bagged 4.315 million in chips as fifteen players survived Day 1 of the $25,500 buy-in two-day event. Play got underway in Uruguay's

Luca Buys Back In, Starts With a Win

Ivan Luca was short, busted, bought back in, and took the seat he had just vacated moments before. So nothing had really changed over on Table 3, other than Luca sitting on the starting stack of 1,000,000 again. Luca opened under the gun plus one for 65,000 and big blind Jack