Urbanovich Busts Luca

We only got there for the showdown, but Dzmitry Urbanovich filled us in on the details after he was done stacking. Here's what happened. Urbanovich opened from middle position and his neighbor Ivan Luca in the hijack called. The big blind came along as well and checked on [Qd5d3s]. Urbanovich made

Luca Wins Without Showdown

The player under the gun plus one opened for 600,000. Ivan Luca in the cutoff three-bet to 1.2 million and the action folded around to the initial raiser who called. Both checked on the [6s8d6d] flop and the [8h] hit the turn. The initial raiser checked and called Luca's one-million bet. The

Darya Krashennikova Eliminated

When we arrived, Darya Krashennikova was standing up shooting the action on her phone. She was all in from first position holding [QcQh] up against the [AcJd] of big blind Ivan Luca. Unfortunately for Krashennikova, the flop came [JhAh7c] giving Luca top two. Krashennikova needed a queen or running straight cards

Ivan Luca Eliminated in 4th Place ($100,000)

Ivan Luca pushed all in from the small blind with [as6c] for 5,200,000 and big blind James Romero had a decision to make with [kd9h]. He had to use a time extension before he called and put Luca at risk. The [kc7d2c] flop immediately brought a king for Romero and Luca

Luca Wins With Kings

Ivan Luca limped from the small blind with [kdkc] and James Romero sprung the trap when he raised from the big blind with [4d3h]. The raise was to 950,000 and Luca called. The flop was [9h8s5c] and both players checked. The turn was the [3d] and Luca fired a bet of

Mathis Doubles Through Romero

Marty Mathis raised from the cutoff to 1,500,000 with only 175,000 behind while he was holding [ad9s] and Ivan Luca sat on the button with [as3s]. He decided to fold while James Romero opted to call with [ac5h] from the small blind. The flop came down [8s4s2s] and Romero put the

Luca Doubles Through Daniels

Ivan Luca was all in for 3,650,000 and Jacob Daniels called. Luca had the best hand with [adjc] against the [kcjh] of Daniels. The board ran out [ksqstd8d4c] and the pot was pushed to Luca.

Luca Doubles on the Bubble

Ivan Luca pushed his last 1,645,000 in the middle from the button and he was called by James Romero in the big blind. Luca dominated Romero with [kdqc] against [kctc]. The board ran out [6s5d2sasac] and Luca had the best hand from start to finish as he doubled up on the