Ivan Leow Out in 6th Place ($600,000)

Christoph Vogelsang opened to 60,000 with [Qd7d], called by Ivan Leow on the button with [Ah7c].  The flop of [Qh3d7h] brought the former top two and the latter middle pair; with just 300,000 left, Leow jammed over Vogelsang's flop lead of 55,000 and was called immediately.  Drawing thin, Leow saw

Ivan Leow Jams First Hand

Bubble or no bubble, Ivan Leow is not here to fold waiting for the only shorter stack (Stephen Chidwick) to make a move before him.  The very first hand of the seven-handed final saw Leow move all in for 720,000 with [AdJs] over the top of a Timothy Adams open

Greenwood with a Four Timebank Card Decision

Threeway to a flop of [Ac3cQd], blinds Sam Greenwood ([Ah9h]) and Ivan Leow ([Qs4s]) checked to preflop raiser Ben Heath.  He bet 45,000 with [KcTc], called by both players.  All three checked the [3s] turn.  The [7c] brought in Heath's flush.  It checked to him again and he bet a