Igor Kurganov Eliminated in 6th Place ($55,000)

Start-of-day chipleader Igor Kurganov was first to act and opened for 550,000. His neighbor Kahle Burns flatted before small blind Joao Vieira squeezed to 2.7 million. Jouhkimainen folded his big blind and Kurganov shoved all in for 14 million. Burns now shoved over the top for 20 million and Vieira

Michael Sklenicka Eliminated in 7th Place ($45,000)

Igor Kurganov opened to 550,000 under the gun plus one and Michael Sklenicka in the cutoff shoved for 750,000 total. The action folded back around to Kurganov who made the quick call. Igor Kurganov: [QhJc] Michael Sklenicka: [Ac2d] With the [Jh] in the window, followed by the [5c] and [7d], things weren't looking

Early Jam from Vieira

Joao Vieira raised to 250,000 in mid position, called by John Duthie on the button.  Small blind Igor Kurganov three-bet to 1,300,000, called by Vieira alone. The flop came down [7s4cjc].  After 27 seconds of thinking, Kurganov led for 775,000 but folded immediately when Vieira moved all in for over 6,000,000.

The Finale of the High Roller Finale Starts at Noon

Seventeen top-tier players remain in the $10,300 High Roller Finale at the partypoker MILLIONS UK in the Dusk Till Dawn poker room in Nottingham. It's time for the final day of this three-day event, with just 13 players getting in the money. That means that when play gets underway at

Spotlight on Table 42

The number of players seems to be static in the High Roller finale, but that's because for every exit there's an entry (often by one and the same person). This level (10) is the last one for registration, however, so soon the atmosphere might be a bit more serious. Table 42

Metaal Busts; Duthie Puts Vogelsang to the Test

Govert Metaal had dropped to a short stack of 140,000, at the 6,000/12,000 blind level.  After Alexandros Kolonias opened preflop to 27,000, he moved all in next to act.  It folded to Igor Kurganov in the blinds who repopped it to 257,000, ridding the pot of Kolonias. On their backs: Kurganov:

Table of Death As Stacked As Ever

On the table of death, two players recently ran out of chips. But the table hasn't gotten any easier for those still there as two top pros filled the vacant seats. Alex Foxen's former spot at the table was empty for just a little bit before Igor Kurganov sat down. After