Hilario Quijada Eliminated in 3rd Place ($95,000)

Farid Jattin opened the button for 1,100,000 and big blind Hilario Quijada shoved all in for about 3 million. Jattin wasted no time calling as he had the mother of all starting hands. Farid Jattin: [AsAh] Hilario Quijada: [2d2s] The board ran out [5cJd9c] [4s] [Qh] and that was it for fan-favorite Quijada

Backdoor Flush for Quijada

Rodrigo Seiji opened the hijack for 500,000 and small blind Hilario Quijada and big blind Michael Del Vecchio both called. The blinds checked to the original raiser on [Qd8s2h] and he answered with a 600,000 continuation bet. Quijada called, Del Vecchio folded. Quijada check-called another 1.1 million on the [4h] turn before