Henrik Hecklen Eliminated by Punnat Punsri

Henrik Hecklen moved all-in for 102,000 from the hijack and Punnat Punsri called in the big blind. Hecklen: [7h7d] Punsri: [Qc9c] The board ran out [JhQdAc3s8h] and Hecklen was eliminated in 13th place.

Justin Bonomo Eliminated by Henrik Hecklen

Justin Bonomo moved all-in from the cutoff for 73,000 and Henrik Hecklen iso-shoved from the button for 250,000. Bonomo: [9s9d] Hecklen: [JdJs] The board ran out [3h6h5c3d8h] and Bonomo was eliminated in 20th place.