Ap Louis Garza Gets Right Into the Mix

Action folded to Erik Seidel on the button, and he limped. Joshua Ladines was in the small blind and completed. Fresh off his third-place finish in Event #8, Ap Louis Garza was in the big blind, and he raised the pot to 16,000. Seidel folded, and Ladines called. The flop

Erik Seidel vs. Sean Perry

Sean Perry raised to 8,000 on the button and Erik Seidel called in the big blind. The flop landed [Kc9hJd] and both players checked to reveal the [2c] on the turn. Seidel led out for 20,000 and Perry mucked.

Erik Seidel Eliminated by Alex Foxen

With roughly 40,000 in the middle and the flop reading [5hJdTc], Andy Park and Erik Seidel checked to Alex Foxen in the cutoff who wagered 12,000. Park called from the big blind, but Seidel raised to 39,000 from under the gun. Foxen announced a reraise amounting to 66,000, and after Park

Erik Seidel Wins on the Turn

James Romero raised to 3,000 from middle position and Erik Seidel called on the button, as did Bill Klein and Shannon Shorr from the blinds. The [Ts3h4h] flop checked through to reveal the [Js] on the turn. Action checked to Seidel, and a bet of 8,500 was enough to see him take

Cary Katz Doubles Through Erik Seidel

Cary Katz open-shoved from under the gun plus one for approximately 100,000, action folded to Erik Seidel in the big blind, and he called. "Oooo no, you called too fast. I'm going to need a black nine," Katz said as the cards were tabled. Katz: [9h9d] Seidel: [AhQc] The board ran

Erik Seidel vs. Dan Shak

Dan Shak raised to 9,000 in the cutoff and Erik Seidel called from the small blind. The flop landed [4d6c9d] and action checked through to reveal the [8h] on the turn. Seidel led out for 10,000 and Shak called before both players checked the [Ad] on the river. Seidel tabled his [Kh9h], and

Erik Seidel Eliminated by Steve Zolotow

Erik Seidel was all-in for roughly his last 70,000 holding [AhTc] against Steve Zolotow with [AsKh]. The board ran out [Kd7hTd3d2d] and Seidel was eliminated.