Maxx Coleman Leads the Final Table of Event #6: $10,000 8-Game

Maxx Coleman eliminated the final two players of the evening and takes the chip lead into the final table of Event #6 $10,000 8 Game. Joining Coleman at the final table are Chad Eveslage, Erik Sagstrom, Jeremy Ausmus, and Stephen Chidwick. The 30-entrant field created a prize pool of $300,000,

Jared Bleznick Doubles Through Erik Sagstrom

No Limie Hold'em Jared Bleznick open-shoved his last 65,000 into the middle, and Erik Sagstrom called in the big blind. Bleznick: [AhTh] Sagstrom: [6h2h] The board ran out [JhTd2s5s8d], and Bleznick flopped a pair of tens to double.

Sam Soverel Eliminated by Jeremy Ausmus

Stud Erik Sagstrom was the bring-in, and Jeremy Ausmus called. Sam Soverel raised to 20,000, and Sagstrom called. Ausmus raised to 40,000, and Soverel re-raised to 60,000. Sagstrom folded, and Ausmus raised to 80,000. Soverel called. On fourth street, Ausmus bet, and Soverel called all-in for his last 5,000. Ausmus: [Tc6d]/[Ts7hQs7s]/[Kh] Soverel:

Erik Sagstrom Leaves Thang Luu Short

Stud Thang Luu had the bring-in and action folded to Erik Sagstrom, who completed. Luu called. On fourth street, Luu checked, and Sagstrom bet. Luu called. On fifth street, Luu checked, and Sagstrom bet 24,000. Lu double-checked his cards and mucked. Luu: [XxXx]/[5sJdTc] Sagstrom: [XxXx]/[Th8d5h]

Erik Sagstrom Doubles Through Vasu Amarapu

Pot-Limit Omaha Vasu Amarapu limped the cutoff, as did Stephen Chidwick on the button, and Sam Soverel from the small blind. Erik Sagstrom was in the big blind, and he raised pot to 25,000. Only Amarapu called as the flop landed [3cQh6c]. Sagstrom bet 25,000 and Amarapu moved all-in for 126,000. Sagstrom called