John Riordan Bets Out The Field

Sam Soverel limped from under the gun, as did Adam Hendrix and John Riordan next to act. Dylan Weisman was on the button and raised to 13,000. Miles Rampel was in the big blind and called. Soverel called, Hendrix folded, and Riordan called. The flop fell [QcJs8c], and action checked

Dylan Weisman Doubles Through Alex Foxen

Alex Foxen raised to 3,500 before Dylan Weisman reraised to 12,000 next to act. Foxen called, and when the flop landed [Js3cKc], he bet the pot and Weisman called all-in for 9,500. Weisman: [AsKsKh9s] Foxen: [AcKd9d8d] The turn and river landed the [5d] and [9c] and Weisman doubled through.

Dylan Weisman vs. Joshua Ladines

Joshua Ladines limped the button and Dylan Weisman raised to 3,500 from the big blind. Ladines called as the flop landed [4d4cKd] and Weisman continued for 4,000. Ladines called, and the turn fell the [5h]. Weisman bet out 16,500 and Ladines mucked.

Dylan Weisman Eliminated in 7th Place ($31,500)

Action folded to Ali Imsirovic in the small blind, and he opened. Dylan Weisman was in the big blind, and he announced pot. Imsirovic re-potted, and Weisman called all-in. Weisman: [AdKhKs8s] Imsirovic: [AsQcQh3h] The board ran out [QsQd3c8d3s], and Imsirovic flopped quads to eliminate Weisman in seventh place for $31,500.

Christopher Usude Doubles Through Dylan Weisman

With a board reading [Ac8d3c] Christopher Usude fired for 100,000. Dylan Weisman was the only other player in the hand, and he announced pot which was enough to put Usude all-in. Usude snap-called for 310,000 total. Weisman: [Ah8h8s3d] Usude: [QdQcJcTc] The board ran out [Jd] on the turn, and when the [2c]

David Peters Eliminated in 8th Place ($25,200)

David Peters was all-in for his last 290,000 holding [KsJsQhTs] against Dylan Weisman and his [AcKdQc5s]. The board ran out [8s2d4c8cJc] and Weisman's runner-runner flush sent Peters to the rail in eighth place for a $25,200 payday.

Dylan Weisman Doubles Through Alex Epstein Twice

Alex Epstein opened to 30,000 from early position and action folded to Dylan Weisman in the big blind, and he potted to 90,000, with 6,000 behind. Epstein called. The flop fell [QhTs4c], and Weisman moved all in, and Epstein called. Epstein: [3x4x9xXx] Weisman: [AdKdTd3x] The board ran out [2c] on the turn, and the