Nick Julia Eliminated by David “ODB” Baker

Razz We picked up the action with Nick Julia already all-in, and he had been called by Steve Zolotow and David "ODB" Baker. Baker bet 20,000 on fourth street, and Zolotow called. Baker fired again on fifth street, and Zolotow folded. Zolotow: [XxXx]/[7xKxQx] (Folded fifth street) Baker: [XxXx]/[3xAx9xAx]/[Xx] Julia: [XxXx]/[9x6xTxQx]/[Xx] Julia tabled [5x4x3x] for

Cary Katz Triples

2-7 Triple Draw Cary Katz was all-in and pat against David "ODB" Baker and Nick Julia. Baker drew two and Julia drew one as both players checked. The same draw was repeated on the final draw and Baker tabled his [Tx7x5x4x2x] to best Julia's jack-low. Katz revealed his [8x7x4x3x2x] and collected the pot

8-7 for David “ODB” Baker

2-7 Triple Draw David "ODB" Baker raised to 6,000 in the cutoff and Nick Julia reraised to 9,000. Baker called and drew two as Julia drew one. Baker check-called a bet as both players drew one. Baker bet and Julia called. Both players stood pat and checked. Baker tabled his [8x7x5x4x2x] and Julia