Dan Shak Eliminated by Seth Davies

Seth Davies raised to 18,000 in the hijack and Dan Shak called from the big blind. The flop landed [3cJcKh] and Shak checked. Davies bet 15,000 and Shak called as the turn fell the [6d]. Shak checked, and Davies bet 80,000. Shak called and the river fell the [7c]. Shak checked a third

Kings Against Kings

Dan Shak opened to 20,000 before Johan Guilbert used a time extension and moved all-in next to act for 121,000. Cary Katz shoved over the top for 159,000, and Shak folded his [QsTs] face-up. Guilbert: [KsKc] Katz: [KhKd] The board ran out [9d7c2s8hQd] and Guilbert and Katz chopped.

Snowmen for Dan Shak

Dan Shak opened to 15,000 from the hijack and both Cary Katz and Jason Koon called from the button and big blind respectively. The flop landed [4h6h6s] and after Koon checked, Shak bet 25,000. Katz and Koon both folded, and Shak showed his [8h8d].

Dan Shak Takes From Jason Koon

Jason Koon opened to 13,000 from under the gun and action folded to Dan Shak in late position and he 3-bet to 40,000. The blinds folded, and Koon called. The dealer spread the [Js5h5d], and Koon checked. Shak fired for 50,000, and Koon folded.

Elio Fox Eliminated by Dan Shak

Action folded to Dan Shak on the button, and he opened to 50,000. Elio Fox was next to act in the small blind, and he moved all-in for 270,000. Chris Brewer was in the big blind and called. Shak moved all-in, and Brewer tossed his [9x9x] into the muck. Fox: [QdTd] Shak: [QcQh] The