Timothy Adams Wins Second Super High Roller Bowl and $3,600,000

After nearly ten hours, Timothy Adams has scooped his second Super High Roller Bowl ring and the $3,600,000 top prize that accompanies it, seeing off Christoph Vogelsang, his last opponent in this 40-entry super-elite $250,000 buy-in event. At one point even in chips in a four-way standoff, Adams fought through to

Christoph Vogelsang Finishes Runner Up ($2,400,000)

Vogelsang will not be the one hoisting his second Super High Roller Bowl trophy tonight.  The blinds having just risen to the agreed 100k/200k, both players picked up aces and wasted little time getting stacks in the middle (Vogelsang covered with 3,700,000). Vogelsang: [Ac6d] Timothy Adams: [Ah9s] The final board: [5s2dThJh9d].  Two long,

Vogelsang Nearly Back to Even, Loses

A limp-checked flop of [QcAc8s] was checked by Christoph Vogelsang and Timothy Adams (in position), bringing the [As] on the turn.  Vogelsang, who'd flopped two pair with [qd8d], check-called Adams' bet of 125,000 (with [kc7c]).  The river completed the flush for Adams, who was paid 850,000 on this street, Vogelsang

“Shall We Skip the Next One?”

Agreement was quickly reached between Timothy Adams and Christoph Vogelsang to skip the next blind level (75,000/150,000) and just go straight to 100,000/200,000 shortly.

Adams Turns Trips, Unpaid by Vogelsang

Christoph Vogelsang on the button raised to 235,000 with [Thts], Timothy Adams defended his big blind with [Ks4d].  Both players checked an [Ah4c7c] flop.  The [4s] on the turn brought Adams three of a kind, but he was not to be paid, Vogelsang passing his hand to a bet of

Adams Getting the Best of Quick-Fire Early Play

The final duo have agreed to shorten the blinds to 45 minutes, but are still getting in a high volume of hands, not a timebank to be spotted.  Fast paced decisions have not changed the chip standings as such, as small pots shuttle back and forth; overall it is Timothy

Adams Now with 3:1 Chip Lead

Christoph Vogelsang on the button opened to 235,000 with [Qdjs].  Over to Timothy Adams in the big blind, who three-bet to 900,000 with [Kdjd].  Vogelsang called, but passed quickly when Adams led for 1,100,000 on the [4h2s7s] flop. The very next hand, Vogelsang three-bet his own big blind (with [qc6d]), raising