Flush for Layne Flack

Stud Hi-Lo Layne Flack had the bring-in and Marco Johnson completed. Chris Vitch called, as did Flack. Flack bet out on fourth and only Johnson called before Johnson led fifth and Flack called. On sixth and seventh, Flack bet out and Johnson called each time. Flack: [XxXx] / [4d2d9d6d] / [Xx] Johnson: [XxXx]

Chris Vitch Eliminated in 10th Place

Stud Chris Vitch completed and Jake Abdalla raised. Vitch committed his final 75,000 and Abdalla called. Both player's boards ran out as follows: Vitch: [Tc7c] / [Js5s6s9c] / [9h] Abdalla: [Qh2h] / [5hJc4sKd] / [Qd] Vitch rivered a pair of nines, but Abdalla found a pair of queens on the end to eliminate Vitch

David Brookshire vs. Chris Vitch

Stud Hi-Lo Chris Vitch called the bring-in and David Brookshire completed. Vitch called, and then called bets on fourth, fifth, and six streets. Before seventh was dealt, Brookshire announced a dark bet. Vitch: [XxXx] / [QsThJs6s] / [Xx] Brookshire: [XxXx] / [6cKhAsKs] / [Xx] Vitch folded, and Brookshire collected the pot.

Jake Abdalla vs. Chris Vitch

Omaha Hi-Lo Chris Vitch raised the button and Jake Abdalla three-bet the small blind. Vitch called and the flop landed [KhKdJs]. Abdalla checked and Vitch bet 20,000. Abdalla called, and then both players checked the [7h] on the turn. The river landed the [3c] and Abdalla bet. Vitch folded.

Jake Abdalla Doubles Through Chris Vitch

Pot-Limit Omaha George Wolff limped in, as did Julien Martini in the cutoff, Alex Foxen on the button, and Chris Vitch in the small blind. From the big blind, Jake Abdalla announced a raise of pot to 48,000 and action folded to Vitch who opted to call. The flop landed [5s8d3s] and Vitch

Kings for Nick Schulman

Hold'em From under the gun, Nick Schulman raised to 24,000 and Chris Vitch called out of the small blind. The flop landed [9c6h7d] and Vitch check-called a bet of 12,000. The turn fell the [3h] and Vitch checked. Schulman bet 24,000 and Vitch folded. Schulman showed his [KdKc].

Chris Vitch Fills Up on Kyle Miaso

Stud Catching the action on fifth street, Chris Vitch bet out 20,000 and Kyle Miaso raised. Danny Noam folded, and Vitch raised again. Miaso made it four bets and Vitch called all in for 67,000 total. Each player's board ran out as follows: Vitch: [Ad5c] / [5dKcAs5s] / [4d] Miaso: [Kh8c] / [8s7h8dJd] /